Whilst looking for a cheaper supplier for Spectrum’s Covent Garden Primer I stumbled on a whole host of 30 second videos detailing Spectrum’s products. Convent Garden Primer is a water based produced used to prime PVC, plastics and a whole host of paint resistant materials. It was initially created for the Royal Opera House and is one the few products made specifically for theatre (we re-appropriate a lot of materials intended for other things). This was a little video detailing the product, a little about the history, its uses and advantages. All condensed into 30 seconds! The disadvantage of the video is the lack of practical example to show someone who hasn’t used the product before.

Here is the link to the Covent Garden primer video:


And there were a whole host of videos to examine and not confined to theatre products that I or the students would not have come across but may be useful in the future:


I really like the short vine like editions of these videos and the quantity, I could easily trawl through a few in a break time or in a quiet moment, write a note down to research it further.

There should be a database of theatre specific products (okay Flints suppliers basically fulfils that role to an extent) but where are the short videos and hints and tips. Are they just confined to the minds of a scenic artist? Who passes on this information if not a tutor or lecturer at a institution like the RCS? If there were some way of collating the information it needs investigating.


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