Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education

Salman Khan gives a TED talk on how he began using video to tutor relatives to then setting up a non profit organisation intent on changing the way education is delivered.

“Pause and repeat”

When making the videos for his cousins his first discovery was that they preferred the online version of Salman to the real life version. They could pause and repeat his lessons at will, and take the learning at their own pace.

“the last thing you need is another person saying ‘do you understand this'”

One of the challenges in my own teaching practice is how to transfer the knowledge, let the student absorb the information and put into practice whilst getting the task finished on time. My task is to not spoon feed the students, they need a degree of autonomy.

Which brings me onto Salman’s vision for how education can be flipped. The schools he worked assigned the students the lectures as homework and then completed the ‘homework’ in the classroom. This allowed the teachers to respond to students that were having difficulty and to promote dialogue and peer to peer learning within the classroom.

In the Production Arts and Design course we have practical based learning for mainly 4 days of the week compared to 0.5 days of lecturers most of the students find themselves learning on the spot from the tutors like myself. If lectures could be set as homework would this save time during the day to practically apply what they have learned. Would it also give the students more confidence if they had a background of material and techniques so they were not learning lots of things at once. Maybe spinning one plate instead of four?

This was a great video on how education can be delivered and the role of technology in discovering students needs and where they need to supported.


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