How to build your creative confidence – David Kelly

David Kelly delivers a talk on “Creative confidence” and how people are often divided (or divide themselves) into creative or practical categories. And even people working in creative industries can define themselves as “not creative”. Kelly is trying to break this barrier and show that everyone can be creative and this confidence needs to be unlocked sometimes.

I’ve had many students say “i’m not a good drawer” or “I can’t do this as well as…” some take real knocks to their confidence if they are not as good as a class mate. I try and get the students to persevere with tasks, to improve on the aspect that they feel is lacking, not to run away from it. Although this is a harder road, the rewards are greater. And the students can do it, i’ve seen them fill up with pride at being reminded that not only a while a go they had admitted defeat before they had even started. Its one of the best feelings as a teacher.

I’ve often had problems with confidence myself, worrying about the task before me leads to mistakes and stress. I’ve found that asking for help from others, breaking the problem down into manageable pieces and sampling before I start a project all help to build a confidence about the task at hand. For me sometimes I have to bluff, show the students i know what i’m doing and lead the way when really i’m still working things out as i go. Other times I work with the students to help and work it out. Both, I feel, have a time and a place and its good to build a relationship between tutor and student where i’m not afraid to fail.


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