Ordinance Survey The Results: Question 1

Last week I submitted my survey to the students to complete and out of 9 students I got 8 replies. Fantastic! I’m really pleased and thankful the students took the time to take it.

I’ll now analyse the results and use the evidence to influence my proposal, here is question 1:

In order to research Scenic Art techniques and materials what resources do you use?

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 09.14.00

This was multiple choice so the students could tick as many (or as little) boxes as necessary:

100% of students use Scenic Art Books

100% of students use YouTube

50% of students use RCS Paperclip 

50% of students use Scenic Art Websites

50% of students use Search Engine Results 

12.5% of students use Pinterest 

Question 1 confirmed what I see on a regular basis in the department. The main resource we have to hand in the paintshop, apart from tutor/lecturer, are the scenic art books that we stock and use for personal projects. All the students using YouTube is a positive as it is such a great resource to watch at the learners own pace and a great way to discover new materials.

The rest of the results were expected through my experience of talking with the students over the previous year. I’ll be interested to see how frequently they use these resources in Question 2. This will help to further my understanding of the resources available to the students.


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