Ordinance Survey The Results: Question 3 & 4


Which ONE resource is the most useful?

I’m trying to narrow the choices here and get specifics on why the resource is the preferable option for the students.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.58.16

With 50% of students choosing YouTube as their preferred resource I can expand on the reason why with Q4 :

Please give a reason for your answer

I’m quoting directly from the students who choose Youtube:

“It’s easier to understand specific techniques when you see someone actually doing it.”

“I think having physical demonstrations in front of you and teaching you step by step is really helpful”

“You can watch people try techniques and stop and start it”

“Wider variety of techniques. Paper clip will point you in right direction for many things but doesn’t cover everything – understandably.”

These reasons that the students have given me reinforces what i have learned listening to people like Salman Kahn when he was talking that through video demonstrations and tutorials, the student can learn at their own pace, pause and repeat sections. During class time they may feel sometimes they can’t get me to repeat or go over information and my time is spread over the entire class. Also I can’t cover every technique and material through the productions, so YouTube is a fabulous resource for discovery. If they bring lots of questions and discoveries into class I can work through them and let the students experiment with their new found knowledge, which can then be imparted onto their classmates.

25% of students choose RCS Paperclip because:

“Lots of information on it”

“It is straight from the educator”

The second quote is very interesting as most of the information delivered to the students is from the experience and knowledge of myself and the lecturer, from our time in the professional industry and what we’ve learned from working in a educational environment. The second quote states the information on Paperclip is most useful because it comes straight from the educator. More information which is similar in style to the teaching being delivered every day.

12.5% of students choose Scenic Art Books because:

“Books tend to have more thorough explanations”

The scenic art books read rather like cook books, 50mls of this, 100mls of that. And the students that respond well to working this way do prefer to use books. They are also very visual, with lots of pictures and diagrams, the books that are lacking in pictures (text heavy) often prove to be less popular.

Finally 12.5% of students choose Search engine results because:

“There is not much on youtube, which would be more useful, but search engines provide a wide range of possible different ways from various people or groups of people with ideas on how to carry out differing scenic techniques.”

The part of this answer that stood out to me was “various people or groups of people”. What this student prefers is having a community of people feeding the knowledge and techniques of scenic art. Now if my project was to create a resource that students could use, would it not be useful for it to be open to a larger community of artist? Could graduates and industry professionals contribute to the content of the resource, it would provide a valuable link for students to interact with the professional world.

Its so great to get such responses from the students and for them to be honest and open about what they like or dislike. Its identifying the gaps and working to try and fill them.


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