Ordinance Survey The Results: Question 5 & 6

In this question i’m trying to discover how the students rate three aspects of the learning resources available to them. With 5 being the highest I have asked them to rate the following

Ease of access to information

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 17.48.12

  • Paperclip’s highest rating for ease of access to the information was 3 by 37% of students
  • 37.5% of students rated Scenic Art books at a 2, which was the lowest result for any of the resources.
  • Scenic Art Websites were rated from 2-5 by 25% of the students
  •  62.5% of the students rated YouTube at a 5 which was highest result for any of the resources.
  • Search Engine Results were rated at a 5 by 50% of the students.

Relevance of information

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 17.50.54

  • Paperclip received a 4 rating by 50% of the students.
  • 75% of the students rated Scenic Art books at a 4 or higher
  • YouTube rated at a 3 by 50% of the students with 25% rating it at a 2

Amount of information 

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 17.48.12

  • For the amount of information the Scenic art books were again rated the highest with 62.5% giving it a 4 or higher.
  • Paperclip received the lowest score with 50% of students giving it a 2 or lower

What I learned:

The Scenic art books get the highest rating for both relevance and amount of information but received the lowest rating out of all the resources for accessibility. I can attribute this to the books being expensive and also at times rare. We only have a limited stock in the RCS so if the one copy is taken out someone else can’t view it. Also if people find learning from text hard this can also be a barrier in accessibility.

YouTube got the highest rating for accessibility but lower ratings for amount of information and relevance.

Paperclip an even score of three for accessibility and high scores for relevance but low scores for amount. The information on paperclip is ideal for the students but the quantity of content is lacking.

Search Engines and Scenic Art websites both score consistently between ratings of 2-5 for all categories which indicates to me that students can either find the information online or struggle, could there be more sharing of websites and findings on a forum?

Q6 I was looking for any further comments, (this section wasn’t compulsory like the rest of the questions)

“Paperclip is fantastic for Scenic but it would be good to have more external links to people’s websites for instance”

I’m really seeing a building of demand for the sharing of ideas, and its changing my thoughts on delivering information. In the beginning I believed that if I put the information in an available format that would allow the students to engage. But now i’m seeing that an open community is so much better for engagement. I could still have the sections that detail materials and techniques but also have a forum for the students to share what they find, inspire peer to peer learning and also link it to their own personal reflective blogs.


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