Ordinance Survey The Results: Questions 7, 8 & 9

Q7. Do you feel the RCS provides enough learning resources about scenic art? 

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 20.25.00

Q8. Please provide a reason for your answer.

I’ll start with the 37.5% of yes voters:

“We have enough information about Scenic Art. However I think that it’s scenic art teachers that supply the information not RCS. Meaning that the institution itself doesn’t have much interest in the department.”

“Always directed to relevant websites, books etc”

“Library has many books accessible to us. Paper clip is regularly updated. Tutors/lecturers always emailing/telling us about new info/websites/books they have come across”

The first comment is both a negative and a positive. Positive that the students feel the staff deliver most of the information about their subject. But negative that they feel let down be the institutions interest in the department. Lots of positives for myself and i’m proud that i’ve made an impact by delivering what the students need, but i believe that they need to be engaging beyond the paintshop, and i’m hoping a resource that gathers together all the information in an highly accessible place will do that.

No for the No’s:

“Not enough video tutorials”

“There are some good books in the library but I think there could be more to do with painting”

“Books/webpages/articles should be referenced with the work done alongside productions in order to reach maximum learning”

The last comment is really something we’ve started to think about and try to implement. When we were starting pants I got four students to look at the video tutorial on how to hang a cloth. This supplied them with the information before they came to the paintshop. Its something we could be doing more of, ref books and websites to look at for the work that will be coming up in productions.

Finally the not sure’s:

“I don’t think our learning resources are based on books and websites.”

“books would be better in our own library and the storage of our current books is often overlooked”

Although Gary and I have our own stock of books, the students are meant to borrow from the library, which is located in the main building at renfrew street. If this feels to hard to get to when we are based down at SLS for 5 days, then maybe some dedicated library time could be allocated to combat this.

Q9. How could the RCS improve its learning resources?

“Keep paperclip up to date to keep it interesting as a lot of information on it is a little older, make sure it is appealing by updating it”

“Use paper clip more. Or make a better paper clip”

“more video content”

“by keeping resources in an accessible place”

By adding more video tutorials, specifically aimed at the Scenic Art students, by putting them in an accessible easy to use space, with links and text content from books, there could be a resource that could engage all learners. At students at all stages of their journey. And support the graduates by developing a community of shared practice that allows them to access and contribute information as they develop as professionals. This survey has really helped to focus my proposal the right areas, to get attuned the the needs of the students.


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