Research Proposal: The benefits pt.1

My proposal is to create a scenic art resource to use as a teaching tool outside of the workshops and an online community for discussion and sharing of learning.

What are the benefits of such a resource?

Creates a data base of subject specific information

Why is this a benefit? Just now the way that a student researches scenic art is spread across many different resources, books, websites, video tutorials. And this information is sometimes not scenic art specific, it comes from different sources and may be hard to find. Although thorough research of the many facets of one’s subject is a key skill, an already busy schedule can put this at the bottom of the priority list. If there was a single database, easy to access and use, with list of materials, techniques and tools the students could be given a starting point for their study. A scenic art specific “family tree” they can trace the uses of french enamel varnish or the drying times of glaze. A learning tool that can supplement what the students are experiencing in the classroom.


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