Reserch Proposal: The learning Pt 5

My proposal is to create a scenic art resource to use as a teaching tool outside of the workshops and an online community for discussion and sharing of learning.

What will I learn from this project?

How to use this resource to engage the students about their chosen subject

I’m hoping that this resource will change how I view engagement with scenic art and how I can cater individual learning experiences for the students. With feedback on what their preferences are (e.g. video or text based) I can assign the lessons based on the students learning style.


One thought on “Reserch Proposal: The learning Pt 5

  1. Hi Scott,
    your recent blog entries are beginning to build up a proposal but there are still significant chunks missing. I think your thinking around what you will provide and why it is necessary are good, but given that a major part of this module is about gathering evidence and communicating it in a scholalry way, I think you need to go back to the template with the additional questions and think how you would answer these (on Moodle).

    The key area I would suggest you focus on is where you will look to find the answers to your questions. Of course, your learners will provide that, but who is doing this elsewhere in the world (in scenic art or any other subject area)? I know you quote Khan and he is a credible and relevant resource. You need a minimum of a dozen more credible sources.

    I think you need to step back a little from your immediate experience and knowledge of the environment to identify a genuine journey of discovery. You can’t know what the solution is right now, and all you are doing is proposing the journey that you would need to go on to find the solution. Think Bilbo, Frodo and Luke – the proposal needs to demonstrate that you are going to go somewhere you haven’t yet been. If you think of all the other characters in Middle Earth or Star Wars as individual reference points with something to learn from, you can hopefully see what I am getting at regarding your resources. i.e. Han Solo’s book ‘Let the Wookie Win’ might be a resource you might look at. You could interview Treebeard as an expert on lifelong learning. I know I’m labouring the metaphor, but you need a supporting cast in this.


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