Research Proposal: The benefits pt.5

My proposal is to create a scenic art resource to use as a teaching tool outside of the workshops and an online community for discussion and sharing of learning.

What are the benefits of such a resource?

Graduating students will be able to use it and help to form a community of professional and student scenic artists.

The RCS has a responsibility to support the students as they progress through their professional career. This is beneficial to both the institution and the graduate. The graduates can use the database as they once did as students, for looking up materials they didn’t come across, techniques they need a refresh on, tools they are thinking of buying. And they can use the community space to post about job opportunities, advice or interesting things they’ve come across. The institution can use the graduates to inform us of work opportunities to graduating students, to arrange work placements, and to contribute to the database on their discoveries in the industry.

Community is important in an industry that isn’t well advertises and strong on word of mouth. To have this connection is as important as the database. Its integral to how the students transition from graduation to the industry.



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