Reserch Proposal: The learning Pt 1

My proposal is to create a scenic art resource to use as a teaching tool outside of the workshops and an online community for discussion and sharing of learning.

What will I learn from this project?


How to bridge the gap between production time in the paintshop and self study

The productions use up the biggest amount of student time during the academic year. With 4 out of the 5 week days spent in the paintshop working on the sets. And so it should be the productions are our biggest learning tool, the students are in an environment that matches what they will be doing in the industry. The days in the production workshops are led by myself or the lecturer, we do a lot of verbal communication and physical examples. So when the students self study they then go from this style to having to access written text with no physical demonstration can this be a barrier to self study? If the online resource quoted books or had pages looked out that the students could be directed to, had website links or video tutorials from the teaching staff this could all help to engage the learner.




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