Lessons in the library

Really delving deep into edutopia, such a fantastic resource and giving me a lot of food for thought on the flipped classroom. If I want to engage my students outside the classroom would a flipped classroom style be better? Today I took the students to the library to research personal projects, look at books or print off references. I decided to incorporate this into their “class time” rather than tell them to do it on their own time. I was there with them to give advice or help print out passages, it was a very useful exercise and i really feel the students are already better prepared for their projects already.


Joe hirsch gives some of his lessons and says think outside the box.This is what i was trying to do today… Take the students to the library, facilitate their discovery. Do something i haven’t done before. I also found out about their research projects and we had a great discussion about where they are in their process. It was team building as well an important learning journey.


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