When “Flipping the classroom” goes wrong

A couple of weeks ago I posted on the collaborative space about Salman Kahn and his online classes that “Flip the classroom”. I have been heavily influenced by Kahn and his development on an online classroom. In response to this, I was given an article link about how online learning can actually be inhibiting for some students and that it doesn’t take into account the students social background and their life outside of the classroom. This has really challenged what I think about creating an online resource and how to implement this with the students. I’ve already moved away from designing a smartphone app because of issues with students having different operating systems or students not having smart phones at all.

If some students struggle to access the resource outwith their time in the building, can they be blamed for not researching as thoroughly as other students? I don’t think so, maybe I could incorporate the time using the resource to class time? The students can access it through the computers in the RCS and be given say 20mins to look over a short video take notes and come back to apply the knowledge on a production.



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