RCS Curriculum

The New Curriculum

Our graduates are entering a different world. The environment of the performing arts is changing and will continue to evolve. We’re already known for developing graduates who are best equipped with the skills they need for their careers. Over the past four years we have been working with staff, students, the professions and a panel of international experts to take this one stage further. Our new curriculum which was introduced in academic year 2012/13 builds on our reputation for developing reflective and adaptable artists by creating the space and support for this to flourish. Each student is exposed to an even richer variety of influences to encourage their unique qualities as an artist. It creates the space for not just disciplinary excellence but the opportunity for transdisciplinary work.

 our new curriculum:

  • Develops excellence alongside high levels of reflection.
  • Fosters the creative attitudes and skills needed for collaborative learning in and through practice.
  • Enables student to take responsibility for managing and evaluating their own learning.
  • Provides students with insight into a diversity of artistic fields and experience of what is required to succeed in their individual arts practice.
  • Develops the ability to use theoretic understanding to inform practice and practice to inform theory.
  • Enables students to make a contribution in the world as artists, educators, advocates and active citizens.

Our new curriculum is based on these principles. In practice, our new curriculum offers unparallelled opportunities for the artists of tomorrow to grow and develop –  including opportunities to work with emerging artists from different disciplines. We are unique in the UK in being able to offer five disciplines at conservatoire level.

Right from the start, you will get to know your fellow students across all our disciplines by working with them in our new introductory module on collaborative artistic practice.  From then on, our new curriculum offers you more choices in your learning journey:  you’ll be encouraged to be more independent in your learning and your choices, and to make your own decisions. You’ll always have the experience and guidance from our staff, all of whom are artistic professionals, to help and guide you. Our new curriculum combines this increased flexibility and choice with the bedrock of the conservatoire experience:  focus on disciplinary excellence.


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