The Teaching Artist Context Setting

After well needed time off and rest from the land of PGCert I have returned from the wilderness to my first task, the context setting essay. Although this entry actually comes after i’ve completed the essay, i’m working backwards to fill in the gaps as my blog has been neglected.

The context setting essay is an investigation into Strategies, initiatives and policies within education (HE in my case) and the performing arts. I’m look at the following:

Creative Scotland’s Strategic Plan 2014-2024

The Higher Education Governance Bill (published 2015)

Four ‘Pillars of Learning’ for the Reorientation and Reorganization of Curriculum: Reflections and Discussions

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020

RCS Transitions 20/40 initiative

RCS CUK Best Practice Guidelines 

Over the next couple of posts I will be reflecting on how these strategies, initiatives and policies are influencing how, who, where and when I teach.


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