Context Setting: Creative Scotland’s Strategic Plan



“Unlocking potential; embracing ambition”

This is the tagline for Creative Scotland’s (CS) 10 year strategic plan and it speaks to me as a professional who has worked in the industry and as someone who is trying to prepare the Scenic Artists of the future. Creative Scotland is the body that funds most of the theatres and projects the Scenic Art graduates will be working for. It’s important for me to be aware of their plan for future of the arts.

“Unlocking potential”

It is my aim as a teacher to encourage and engage learners during their journey through the RCS, for a student to harness their potential and surpass the expectations and goals that they have set themselves is really the main reason for doing this job. To see a set or project light up the stage and gather praise from the other departments lifts the confidence of the whole student cohort. For me, I think its important for CS to put this slogan front and centre of their plan, unlocking the potential of one person means the project improves and the collective team works together to make the project the best it can be. I have learned that I must always strive to unlock the best abilities of a student and to show them how to harness their potential.

“Embracing ambition” 

The ambition of individuals is what has always driven the performing arts worlds into new and exciting places, sometimes students can lose ambition for a project and it may be up to me to motivate them and guide them to their path. It significant to find what a student is ambitious about and how this relates to their fears and anxieties? Are those feeling holding their ambitions back, this is perhaps due to stress of failure. I encourage the learners to not view failure as a final but as a development of problem solving. I must always focus on the time the students must have to experiment and play as an equal to completing the production. Maybe more important, as another page in the plan says:

“Excellence and experimentation across the arts, screen and creative industries is recognised and valued”

The students are going out into the industry as the workforce, and hopefully become skilled leaders in their field over time:

“Ideas are brought to life by a diverse, skilled and connected leadership and workforce

Everyone can access and enjoy artistic and creative experiences

  Having experienced a first set of graduates go out into the industry and work in a variety of contexts and settings, i feel confident that the ideas that CS hold up are being produced by artists that are skilled at communicating and development as they are spattering and spraying!

I have significantly  developed my understanding of the context i’m preparing the students to go out into and this knowledge could be essential to their journey from student to graduate to professional.














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