Tromp Class

I’m looking at potential videos for the students to view before they enter the class, using my Salman Kahn knowledge from ATCA. Its a way of introducing the subject and getting them to think about techniques and materials, some of which might be different to how I do things, but variety is the spice of life!



Here’s what I’ve found so far:

This tutorial applies a tromp moulding to a surface that has been painted to look like marble. It can be used in the context of theatre so it ticks that box.  I like this tutorial because the instructor uses a some techniques and tools that the students will be familiar with, the straight edge, angled brushes, glaze. The techniques of applying glaze before the brush stroke is something I’ve never done and think its something to explore further.

Another tutorial from a theatre context, this time from the painters at the National Theatre. They have produced a group of short tutorials (some of which i’ve put on here before) Its really useful to see how a Scenic artist at the top of their field would approach this task. The final piece is bold and graphic, it reminds to emphasise that in theatre the audience is sitting far away so the markmaking can be bolder. I must get the students to get distance from their work during the class.

I’m looking to introduce some videos on basic light and shade theory. This one comes with light and shade, but also with a little colour theory, which can’t hurt! Although the students will be painting in a monochromatic style, i’m hoping to discuss colour theory and also give them some further reading away with them to begin developing their skills.

So i’m hoping to add some books and websites to the further reading section of the class, probably it will form part of a hand out, for those Read/write learners (#VARK!). But i’ll put it on Paperclip, the hub of info for the students anyway.



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