Lesson Plan Mrk 2

For the last couple of days I have begun to bring together my ‘script’ for the day. Some times when I have to deliver a talk in front of students or people I can let nerves get the better of me. I will sometimes forget what I’m saying or say things out of order. Usually I keep a set of notes handy and this time I’m expanding this into a full script to learn. I’m keeping it in my usual conversational style which is fun to write and a nice departure from the academic writing of the essays. What I have learned is that although my lesson plan has been broken down into activities and timings, by expanding this further I discovering what may and may not work. For example I’m changing the lighting model box exercise to be part of the discussion about form shadows, cast shadows, highlights etc. This gives the section much more dynamism and allows the students to view the aspects of light and shade as I discuss them. Then I have put in a quick drawing exercise, the students are given a simple moulding and have to draw a sketch of where the shadows and highlights occur, the knowledge they have just learned can immediately be applied. This is then followed by lighting the mouldings in the model box to see the comparison between this and their sketch.

Here is my new and improved lesson plan:



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