Observed Lesson: The Student Pack

These are the documents the students received on the day of the class:


This was to give the students an idea of timings and what they would be doing during the day.

Class Schedule

Extract from the ‘Art of Faux’ by Pierre Finklestein

This first extract is describes the origins of decorative painting and the two schools; Italian and French

Faux Extract pg1

Faux Extract pg2

Faux Extract pg3

Examples of Tromp l’Oeil

Different examples of styles and contexts of Tromp l’Oeil


Mouldings profile for painting exercise


Pop Quiz

This 6 question quiz was presented at the end of the day, it wasn’t part of the initial hand-out. Questions on light and shade theory.

Quiz - Blank

Extract from the ‘Art of Faux’ by Pierre Finklestein

Another short extract describing the theory of Tromp l’Oeil given out after the quiz.

Extract 2_Page_1

Extract 2_Page_2

Further Reading

Some videos, articles and books for further research on Tromp l’Oeil

Further Research Pic 1_Page_19

Further Research Pic 1_Page_20




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