Boxes of Feelings

I’m going to set out what my project will be about and to do this i’m going to return to questions that Jamie asked us on Saturday.

What is the project?

How are you going to do it?

Why are you doing it? 

These questions are also stages in reflection. The first level of reflection is thinking about what you are doing, the second level is how and the last is why. The reflector should be able to reflect using all three levels not just the first. I myself have been guilty of just thinking about the “what”.


The aim of the project is to create an online hub specifically for scenic art students, graduates and industry professionals to share ideas, tutorials, materials, suppliers, photos and jobs. This project will be centred around one week long class using the Hub to provide background information about materials and techniques. Hopefully this format will be developed after PGCert as and ongoing project.


I will be using an existing model to host the hub. To populate it I will be contacting students, graduates and industry professionals to get advice on what they would find useful from a resource. I will also be curating some of my own video tutorials that will be specific to the delivered to the class.


This project is a response to my own personal experience after graduating. The nature of freelance work means working in lots of new environments, using new materials techniques and equipment. Unlike some art forms there isn’t a lot of online information and the book selection is small. For example, I remember feeling a panic about being asked to use a new material. If there was information online in an easy to use place the students could quickly familiarise themselves. It is also to keep a connection with the students so they feel supported as they start their professional career.

I’m hoping this project focuses me on looking to the future possibilities and how it would fit into my current practice. And to also look at the gaps in the students learning and where that can be filled.


I’ve got that passionate feeling back!









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