Goals, Barriers, Options and Actions


One of our tasks on Saturday was to draw a circle and divide it into quarters with the headings Goals, Barriers, Options and Actions. The goals for my project were:

  • Putting everything I have learned over the past two modules and from this module into my own teaching practice.
  • Make a usable and encouraging online hub for Scenic Art students, graduates and professionals.
  • Blog and reflect more

The barriers to achieving these goals are:

  • Time
  • Discipline
  • Confidence

The options i have for overcoming these barriers and completing my goals are:

  • Schedule (incl. personal deadlines)
  • Marius
  • Gathering information
  • Using the RCS proof readers

Time is a barrier in different forms. Finding time to create the online hub, put it into practice while having a full time job and not being the most proficient technology user. By creating a smaller “test” version (as part of a larger aspiration) I can manage my time without feeling overwhelmed. Marius is our learning technologist within the RCS and he will be the best person to meet with to advise me on what model to use. I will be consistently pestering him over the next 6 months. While my proposal is in its draft stage i can still contact graduates and industry professionals for feedback and ideas. This will help with time management in the development stage. Discipline refers to my blogging and reflection goal. Its no secret that my blogging has been the weak link throughout the last two modules, this is an attempt to address this and by inserting some discipline into my practice. By setting goals, keeping to a schedule and setting weekly actions i can hopefully become a more regular blogger. The RCS proof reading service will be very important to improve my low confidence over my work.

My first set of weekly actions are:

  • Blog about the Saturday session
  • Organise a meeting with my Personal Tutor
  • Meet with Marius
  • Set up a private group chat with the other two members of the action learning set
  • Schedule
  • Review the feedback from module 1 and 2

I feel these actions are achievable by next week and it provides a necessary structure to my week. I’ll let you know how i get on!









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