John Hunt, the leader of the 1953 ascent of Everest missed many deadlines, had many failures and still overcame the odds to make sure Hilary and Tenzing reached the top.

Like any good mountaineer I must have a schedule for the journey ahead, this must not just include items as “Saturday – reach camp 1” but also the smaller tasks… like write a schedule! It was one of my actions from the weekend and I’ve stayed later in work to complete this task. I find having the break between leaving work, making my way home then dinner breaks up the flow of the day too much and by the time 8pm swings around all momentum and general energy has dissolved into a slump on the couch. So for the next 5 months I’m determined to schedule out my time to provide the best possible chance of passing this module. My first major deadline is at the end of November when the ethics committee convenes to review my proposal. This is the latest possible chance for me to submit a proposal. However I’m aiming for the completion of at least two drafts by the end of October. In between now and October I’ve divided my time between evenings and weekend sessions of study. Working around birthdays, Rangers games, 5-a-side and a stag do in Budapest. Each week I will be setting new goals and uploading them to my schedule, so I don’t set unrealistic targets too far in the future. I’ve printed off my proposal for ATCA and the feedback from that submission. I’ll be using my bus journey’s to identify the direction I want to go next!



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