Every Mountaineer Needs a Sherpa

– a member of a Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet, renowned for their skill in mountaineering.
Any expedition to the Himalayas would not be a success with the help of the sherpa people. Their natural mountaineering skill, bravery, ability to adapt and live in high altitudes have been valued by climbers attempting to summit Everest for more than a century.
When developing the structure of my project i felt i needed a sherpa, someone to guide me through the creation of my scenic art hub. I set up a meeting with the wonderful learning  technologist Marius to discuss my idea and the potential for hosting it in the new RCS Portal. The portal is run through wordpress, so the appearance and userbility can be changed and adapted easily with the templates and widgets provided. We went through the BA PTM production page to see what they had set up for their students. It is accessible by students, graduates and those not connected through the RCS. I felt the portal would be a perfect base for the hub. The students use wordpress for their reflective blogs so they would be familiar with the operating system. Marius also offered to run a workshop with the students, introducing them to the portal and the hub.
He gave another nugget of sage advice. The students will respond to the site if they feel they have ownership over the content. It will become a burden if they are forced to use it. Marius said in his experience teachers must incorporate resources such as this into their everyday practice. This is something i have a little experience with. Using videos, that were created by the lecturer Gary, on pinning a cloth I set the students the task of watching the video before class and then asking some questions based on what they have learned. They then immediately put their new knowledge into practice. If the hub can be incorporated into every day use this will go a long way to making it a success.
Marius was very helpful and his approach is very easy to follow and understand. I’m confident i will be pestering him over the course of the next five months.

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