Week 2: Actions

As detailed in a previous post i’ll be setting weekly actions to complete by the following Sunday.

There are as follows:

  • Complete first draft of the ‘overview’ section of the proposal
  • Review the literature on online learning and engagement
  • First draft of the ‘research context’ section of the proposal
  • Contact Jamie about meeting
  • General Blogging about teaching practice

I need to devote a large section of this week to getting through the large amount of reading i have accumulated. Reading and research is probably my weakest area of the course. Because my subject area is so specific, not a lot has been written about the teaching of scenic art. This makes finding literature very hard. I’m trying to expand and find reports and studies that relate. I had a bit of a break through recently and found a lot of studies that will be useful. I have to focus and extract the necessary information for my own research purposes.

Every week i’ll be reviewing the actions from the previous week.

They were:

  • Blog about the Saturday session
  • Organise a meeting with my Personal Tutor
  • Meet with Marius
  • Set up a private group chat with the other two members of the action learning set
  • Schedule
  • Review the feedback from module 1 and 2

I’m rather proud of myself, i’ve managed to achieve 5 out of 6 actions! And the 6th is underway as i have contacted Jamie but heard no response at the time of writing. I feel keeping realistic weekly goals is working better for me than larger deadlines. Its something i’ve used before with the students. Make sure they are aware of the larger deadline and also work with them to realise daily and weekly goals. Break the larger task down into smaller pieces. As a wise man once said “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”




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