Talking Points

On Friday i went for my long overdue tutorial with my personal tutor. After my stuttering start over the summer being boosted by the PGCert get together it was important for me to meet up and discuss my progress and where i can go from here. It was an extremely helpful encounter we talked about the research portion of my proposal, delivery and timescale of the project, any fears about the up coming hand-ins.

Research Proposal

One of the reasons i had made such a slow start to this module was the stress over finding research that related to my subject area or the arts. Research appears to be very thin on the ground for the arts and almost non existent for theatre scenic art. Over the past couple of weeks i had moved to looking at research that could be applicable to my area even if it wasn’t directly related. I have been reading The Higher Education Academy Student Engagement Literature Review: 

Which has opened up many avenues to new sources and viewpoints. It is a very comprehensive review of the styles of student engagement, how engagement can be used to improve learning and how online and classroom based learning can be used to boost student engagement. It nicely links to my other area of enquiry, the use of technology in the higher education classroom. I’ve been reading different studies of the change in relationship between the lecture, the student and the lecturer. As the studies are looking at the change in more than one university there is more quantitive research to draw from.

One aspect we discussed is researching how to create video content and how to tell a story through film. If i want to engage my students through video tutorial that i create how can avoid making it dry and fact based. I brought up my conversation with Marius last week about giving the students ownership over the content on the hub. Jamie suggested that if part of the class project was to produce the content for the hub. It is something to explore in the coming weeks.


We talked about my methodology when approaching delivering the project and whether i will be gathering qualitative or quantitive data. My instinct told me that when bringing together information from graduates, students and industry professional that an interview style would be a preferable  way to engage with other artists. Jamie suggested looking at the ethical form as i was writing this section, as i would need approval to use the data collected.


We discussed the possible timescale for the delivery and evaluation of the project. I said that it was looking like January would be the best time for delivery to take place as it falls before the beginning of the musical theatre production of chess. Luckily the production as a marble finish on the floor and my project is centred around a test class about marbling effects. This may have an effect on the evaluation of the project as i would want to evaluate the skills used during the class and during production and gain feedback on both. This could possibly push my hand-in into march.

Literature Review

One area i have been uneasy about is the literature review and critically analysing academic material. I’m still feeling my way through the mist when it comes to analysis but Jamie pointed me in the direction of this structure again:


By breaking down each report/book/study i find using this method i can hopefully be able to crack the code!

Overall it was a much needed conversation to have. I feel like new paths have been opened and the load lightened. Onwards I go!













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