Ready. Steady. Action Learning Set!

The inaugural meeting of the PGCert Action learning set took place yesterday evening and it was a chance to touch base on where everyone was in their journey since we were brought together on the intensive Saturday a couple of weeks ago.

What I was looking to get  out of the meeting was some advice on the ethical approval form and how that would impact on my proposal and going forward with my project.

One of my colleagues has already submitted her proposal for ethical approval so i was picking her brain for handy hints. She recommended looking at the ethical form and the proposal at the same time as the questions in the ethical form could help flesh out the proposal. She was also reassuring about the ethical implications of the project but was unsure herself at the convening of the next committee which left her in limbo about whether to start her project or not, because of the potential for some of her proposal to be rejected on ethical reasons. This is something i need to be aware of although i’m sure there will be no ethical implication thrown up by my proposal.

Our other colleague was struggling to motivate herself after a busy period at work and as we all have full time jobs it can be difficult to sum up the energy and enthusiasm to PGCert. We all completely agreed and talked about similar feelings over the course of the degree. I talked about my weekly actions and how that was working for me. We resolved to meet again at the start of November and set ourselves some goals to complete by then. My goal is to have my proposal and ethical approval form completed.

On mountains it is usual for the member of the team at the fore front of the group to cut steps out of the ice and snow as they ascend. When that member gets tired and weary someone else takes over. I feel this is a great metaphor for our little group. When one of us is low on confidence and desire we can offer support and lead the way even just for a little while.


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