Week 3: Actions

As detailed in a previous post i’ll be setting weekly actions to complete by the following Sunday.

Last weeks actions were

There are as follows:

  • Complete first draft of the ‘overview’ section of the proposal
  • Review the literature on online learning and engagement
  • First draft of the ‘research context’ section of the proposal
  • Contact Jamie about meeting
  • General Blogging about teaching practice

I have to say last week was at times both successful and unsuccessful. I felt as though i found ways to avoid my actions by completing those scheduled for another week! I did not complete the Research Context section first draft but i did complete the Professional Aims and Research Questions. Part of the problem is i know what my context is but i have a blockage about putting it down on paper. However successful actions were contacting and meeting with Jamie, I did review literature on engagement from the Higher education Academy and reports by M. Gosper on recorder lectures and technology. These will now be incorporated into my research context section.

My actions for this week were:

  • Meet with Action learning set
  • Look over ethical approval form
  • Finish Research Context section
  • Upload completed sections for feedback

I’m in jury duty this week so there will be a lull in blogging about my practice.

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