Visualization is key


As part of my research I’ve been looking at how to construct videos and how story telling can help me engage the students while they watch the videos. I’m basically trying to avoid dry videos that might put off students watching more that one. Instructional videos can vary so much, some can be, short and to the point but can carry less information as longer videos. For my hub I feel I need to have a balance between and that has informed my investigation into directing techniques, story telling and visualization for film. Some resources I have been look at are:

Film Directing Shot by Shot by Steven Katz : A step by step guide in film making, I’m drawing inspiration from the visualization section of the book

“The process of visualization is actually the search for a goal rather that the attainment of one”

Talk like TED: the 9 public speaking techniques of the world’s top minds. by C Gallo: Investigating what makes the most watched TED talks so engaging and interesting. Since I’m a TED talk addict this is like a backstage tour!

I’ve also been using Reddit forum boards to see if anyone is in a similar position and one user is also making educational videos and struggling against making his videos exciting but still informative and also his own self confidence. Something I can identify with.







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