Researching Literature

I have been researching different learning theories that will provide a really strong foundation for my proposal and the project. One that has been jumping out to me is Coates five facets of engagement:

–        active and collaborative learning;

–        participation in challenging academic activities;

–        formative communication with academic staff;

–        involvement in enriching educational experiences;

–        feeling legitimated and supported by university learning communities

Coates has been so inspirational; he has changed the way I have been thinking about engagement. It is not only about engaging the learner in challenging activities but supporting them and enriching their experience. To incorporate this theory into my project I must find an effective way of using the resource to supporting the students’ learning and work on a production.

Could the resource be used to promote engagement with the scenic art subject? To make the experience worthwhile, I feel the students need ownership of the resource, similar to what Marius and I talked about before. Hopefully over time this would create a community of graduates and students that could keep the teaching of scenic art current to the trends of the industry. I want to look further into the Coates but I’m also looking at Gallo who writes the book about TED talks and Cleaver, Lintern and McLindens’ study into the putting into practice embedded information.

These are the sources I’ve been looking at recently:

Coates, H. (2007) A Model of Online and General Campus-based Student Engagement. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 32 (2), pp 121-141

Gallo, C. (2014). Talk like TED. New York: St Martin’s Press, p.45.

Cleaver, E., Lintern, M. and McLinden, M. (2014). Teaching and learning in higher education. London: Sage.

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