Project Proposal


A period of radio silence has befallen this blog of late, a combination of project proposal and ethical approval submissions and the final push in the painthshop on our main stage acting and christmas shows. But still momentum remains strong, this boulder is rolling down the hill at a fair pace and it ain’t considering stopping any time soon! The project proposal has been a long time coming and probably one of the hardest submissions since the course began. I’ve struggled through inactivity, denial, fear and self doubt to emerge out of the other side of the prison wall like Andy Duphresne in the Shawshank Redemption. I’ve learned a lot from this proposal, about my learning journey and how to signpost it, to gaining some mental fortitude and consistent work ethic.

Below i’ve copied in my professional aims for this project and although this only runs until February next year,I intend to expand the aims and objectives from my proposal beyond the confines of the module. I want to mark this moment as a development as a teacher and as a learner.

Professional Aims:

In completing this project, my aim is to engage Scenic Art students in the use of an online hub resource to further their learning outside of the classroom, both during and following their time studying at the RCS. In order to achieve this, I aim to;

  1. Develop and implement a test online hub space using the RCS WordPress portal.
  2. Use qualitative data from students, graduates and professionals to design the online hub.
  3. Adjust my teaching practice to fully incorporate online resources into the everyday teaching of Scenic Art.
  4. Engage the current student cohort into the design and making of video tutorials that will populate the hub for future students to use.
  5. Develop my skills in qualitative methods of data collection, analysis and reporting.

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