Lit Review

I’m beginning to get into the thick of it with the literature review. One of the most valuable source I have found has been Maree Gosper et al’s study ‘The impact of WBLT on current and future practices in learning and teaching’

You can find that here:

Gosper et al has presented such a thorough study, drawing from a number of other sources and gathering together qualitative and quantitative data. It has been my jumping off point for not only gathering sources but how to present research and academic writing.

And from this I’ve managed to find lots of other sources. It’s like a main pathway that leads off into lots of different directions with different outcomes. A lot of the studies are like myself, at the start of the journey. Introducing WBLT into institutions that haven’t changed their delivery in a long time or a resisting the introductions for various reasons.

In studies by Phillips et al (2011) and Soong et al (2006) they use the data to present how the WBLT have affected students, whether it has improved their learning experience. This is what I want to achieve, to really see want to see if this make a positive difference to my students.

You can find them here:

Phillips et al (2011):

Soong et al (2006):

I’m also looking at:

McNeill, et al (2007)


Goldberg. (2006). Redefining classroom instruction. Advance Physiological Education.








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