Interviews & Questionnaires

I have finally finished compiling the interviews and questionnaires that will enable me to begin constructing the resource it was so enlightening to hear the experiences of the students and graduates.

When looking at the questionnaires the student’s completed. I was so surprised! Only two people preferred books as a way to learn new techniques. Gary and I use books a lot so I was expecting the result to be different. They also chose videos as the most beneficial way of learning new techniques. I’ll be looking at making my own videos soon and I’ll have to up my game! What is clear is that when looking to the future the students see the resource as a useful tool as they transition into the industry, to help them refresh skills and techniques after they lose the support they receive from the RCS staff.

The graduates interviews were so helpful, the insights on to their experience of transitioning into the professional industry and the help and support that was needed has been one of my favourite parts of this process so far. And its made me realise that not all support needs are based around materials or techniques. That sometime life admin is really important!  It’s interesting when talking to the graduates, the most stressful part of their professional career is tax returns and they really felt let down by the RCS. They were not prepared to fill out invoices or save receipts. Not enough was done. What more could be done? How could I incorporate this into the resource? could I have a section for graduates? It could hold invoice templates or helpful hints on completing tax returns. Food for thought!







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