The Resource

The resource was a big undertaking, I knew I had to collate all of the information about faux marbling and present it in an easy to digest format for the students. I also made section that detailed what the resource could be based on the data I gathered from students, graduates and a professional.

I could waffle on some more but it’s really best to have an explore:

When it was finished I presented it to the scenic art lecturer for feedback. I was nervous unveiling the resource to Gary. His feedback made me see the resource in a different light, I needed to add more visuals. We speak in a visual language in the scenic art department but I’ve been writing in an academic style for months. This required a change of mind set to a language the students could relate to. I hope this change is evident in the resource you see today. Its been a labour of love and a hard journey for myself. Its hard to talk about because so much of the information and passion  speaks for itself.




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