Gathering the last data

The class and the production work has been completed, the final questionnaire has been completed and returned. It has been a struggle to get the students to even fill out the questionnaire I’ve given them. When I got the form back the answers were one word either yes or no, not exactly what I was hoping for but to be fair this is the third one they’ve had to fill out. At the start I felt this was being thorough but now it feels over kill. I should have maybe mixed it up more. Put in a focus group instead another questionnaire. This is a big learning moment. Don’t subject your participants to endless questions, less is more!


I had started to fear that I had not enough quantitative data for the anaylsis and conclusions segments of my submission. After my tutorial with Jamie, I looked at the new feedback sheet I put together, it would give me more quantitative data to use for my conclusions but I have reservations about subjecting the students to another form. And the fact that getting an amendment passed through the ethics board would be painful. I have to trust the data I have got and concentrate on presenting the best version possible not tacking on extra numbers to bulk it out.


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