The project

Group 1 Group 2

Both groups produced lovely samples and worked through the exercises well. They especially reacted well to the timed exercises and it was good fun rushing the very last moments as the clock timed down. You can see the results below:








Production Work

The students approached the production work raring to go, feeling confident but apprehensive about working on faux marble in the production context. They were lucky they had the head scenic artist Ursule to guide them. She had been preparing the technique that had been approved by the designer. Ursule took the students through her method, which used some new techniques than we covered in the class and some that the students would relate to. You can see the results below:





The students worked together as part of a group and chose to document the production marble for chess. The documentation of the student’s process, which I was very nervous introducing and achieving, appears to be working. The students have set up the camera to capture their marble and they are working as part of a group. Success!



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