Scott McIntosh Context Setting Study

The purpose of this study is to examine the educational policies, strategies and initiatives influencing how, where, and what I teach, both within my own work setting, and in the wider higher education environment. My teaching practice is similar to many of the tutors that work as part of the Central Production Unit (CPU) at … Continue reading Scott McIntosh Context Setting Study


Context Setting: Creative Scotland’s Strategic Plan

Creative-Scotland-10-Year-Plan-2014-2024-v1-2 CS-Pocket-Plan-2015 "Unlocking potential; embracing ambition" This is the tagline for Creative Scotland's (CS) 10 year strategic plan and it speaks to me as a professional who has worked in the industry and as someone who is trying to prepare the Scenic Artists of the future. Creative Scotland is the body that funds most of … Continue reading Context Setting: Creative Scotland’s Strategic Plan